Each course includes feature writing, photography, film making and radio production and is designed to connect young people to local arts groups.  Below is a selection of our students’ work:

Audio Clips:

Listen to some of the audio created by our students during the course.  There are radio adverts, podcasts and interviews with various artists and art groups.  Enjoy!



The underpinning theme of all that goes on at Bauer Academy is talent, and Be Somebody provides a new and fully funded access point for the identification and development of new talent for the industry, crucially opening up access to those that may not traditionally engage with training or the arts

Courtnay McLeod Director of Bauer Academy

“We are delighted that CashBack for Creativity is helping Bauer Academy to deliver these fully-funded places on this innovative training programme.  As well as learning a range of technical and production skills, participants will develop  invaluable transferrable skills including team-working and communication as well as boosting their self-esteem and confidence. I am also pretty confident that they will also have a great time in the process. This is a brilliant opportunity for young people in Scotland

Joan Parr Portfolio manager for Education, Learning & Young People, Creative Scotland

The Bauer Academy should be congratulated for what they are doing.  Programmes like Be Somebody give everybody a chance to find and get involved in creativity and the arts, whatever their background.

Fiona Hyslop Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs

“Young people are the bedrock of our nation’s future and it’s vital every youngster in Scotland can shape their own destiny. This programme launched by Bauer Academy will offer young people a truly unique experience and will help build on the fantastic renaissance the arts and creative industries have experienced in recent years.”

Jim Sweeney CEO YouthLink Scotland